There is a lot of new science that is changing the view of how and what we eat – old mantras are being tested. To our mind it really pays off to be open and vigilant with what we put in our bodies since we are constructed and run from what we eat.

Needless to say that modern science cannot provide a better answer than the question being asked, so one of the biggest challenges is to see how the question is asked. There are many clever people out there doing great research, but the opposite is also true and unfortunately poorly thought out research garners many tabloid headlines.

We are constantly learning new things about our biology and nutrition and will probably never know it all. But that will not stop us from learning as we go along.

Our bodies are extremely clever and self-regulating, meaning that they adapt very easily. We eat when we are hungry, drink when we are thirsty, crave something if we need it and stop when we have had enough!

The big problem is that we are not in the environment for which our genome has evolved! Things that are absolutely vital for our survival are now available in abundance triggering unhealthy behaviors. Equally important is that things that once were in abundance are now rather scarce, driving our cravings even further.

So our nutritional goal is to supply our bodies with all it needs but not weigh it down with any excess or toxins. If done correctly it will feel natural and easy. That is not to say that it is easy!

Here are some links to a few sites that I think are on the right path to good nutrition and where you can read about nutrition in greater detail. Perfect Health Diet has a very neat Illustration that will point you in the right direction! I also recommend looking through new research from the viewpoint of our ancestors Marks daily apple. And perhaps my favorite breakfast recipe for a good start to the day with high performance in mind and body! Bulletproofexec also has an excellent dietary roadmap worth checking out.