Even if beauty should not be your primary motivation, it will be a great side effect of living healthy.

When we think about beauty we usually think about a healthy body composition, glowing skin, strong and full nails hair, healthy gums and teeth! All of those are indicators of great health, except if you think about the extreme body compositions of some really skinny models or huge bodybuilders.
Let’s take skin as an example, it is your body’s biggest organ. The skin is what protects us from the outer world, helps to regulate our body temperature, detoxifying our bodies through sweating, producing vitamin D with help from sunshine. But the skin is also vulnerable to excessive sunshine, it will absorb chemicals both good and bad which makes what you put on your skin very important. Most cosmetics, creams and sunblocks have lots of harmful chemicals in them!


A healthy skin comes from the inside and not from the outside, what you eat or not eat will have a bigger impact than any cream you put on your skin


So be sure to get your collagen along with all your vitamins and minerals.  And don’t forget about the healthy fat, dry skin is not healthy skin. Someone who needs extra help for the skin can mix in upgraded collagen in their morning Bulletproof coffee. 

Nails, hair and gums are indicators of different mineral and vitamin deficiencies. So be sure to be mindful and to check yourself once in a while. The list of symptoms and deficiencies is quite long, so we will not cover it in this post. 
As a final note, natural beauty comes from a healthy inside! So be sure to treat your body with great nutrition and exercise!



-Healthy living is the new Beautiful