We all age, and to me it is about aging gracefully, healthily and staying young in spirit! A positive attitude might be the most beneficial attribute for staying young.

Restricting caloric intake seems to correlate well with long and healthy life. It is also thought to start a cell process called autophagy that “cleans” the cell from the inside making the cell live longer and more healthily before it commits apoptose.

So how to use your cells ability for autophagy? It looks like there is a number of ways besides constant caloric restriction. One way is to fast intermittently and eat normally in between. There are numerous ways to do this ranging from having an 8 hour eating window to the 5-2 diet where you basically eat very little for two days a week. Another novel approach is to protein fast one or two days a week since lack of protein is what actually triggers autophagy in the first place. There are also some supplements that are said to have this same effect like resveratrol and oxeloacetate. Both also have other benefits as well.

Iron accumulation is also linked sickness of old age and neurodegenerative disorders. So even if iron is needed for good health, moderation is advised.

Healthy living, good nutrition and physical activity to promote your Body, Mind and Spirit are good starting points from which to build your life. And if you would like to contribute to the research into some of the nasty diseases of old age, we believe Aubrey De Grey has the right ideas.