Physical activity is not only good for our body, but it is something that a healthy body and mind craves! There is a lot of pitfalls in modern society that can make us think we accomplish something the less we have to do! But generally there is always a balance that needs to be between activity and rest to make us satisfied and happy human beings!

Our expertise is in all forms of cycling, and we think it is an excellent way to get out on in the open and close to nature to feel a bit of freedom from daily life/work! It is also an excellent way to exercise your metabolic engine, from your mitochondria to the cardiovascular system.

As a compliment we do believe that some sort of strength training is a excellent way to trigger your body to be strong and healthy, and it will be even more important the older we get! One very interesting strength training regime comes from the book Body by science  where the training is short intense and far between but with emphasis on your body’s hormonal response from your training.

And Hormones is exactly what makes or breaks the training response! If you for example have stress hormones chronically circulating, it will be almost impossible to get any effect from any of your training! So then some time off work or some meditation might be necessary before anything else is started.

We hope to be able to individualize heart rate variability to predict how your body will be ready for performance and training. Heart rate variability is the difference between each and every heartbeat, and it can tell you about how rested or stressed your body is making it a very useful tool for training indeed! The Öura ring is one such product that we will work with to deliver the most accurate metrics and easiest usability.

From a holistic point of view move a lot at a slow pace sprint once in a while and lift heavy things is a good mantra to live after! Quote courtesy of Mark’s daily apple.